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Information about Anadrol – Oxymetholone

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Information about Anadrol - Oxymetholone

Anadrol – Oxymethalone is a steroid with powerful anabolic and androgenic effects. This medicine is for oral use. It remains active for 15 hours after ingestion. Athletes prefer this powerful anabolic mainly for its effects on the body. With the help of Oxymetalon you can significantly increase your muscle mass. Although it is not recommended for beginners to abuse this steroid. Conversely, experienced athletes are more likely than others to make a decision in their favor.

The Effects of Steroids

The Effects of Steroids

Oxymethalone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Its anabolic activity is 320% that of testosterone while its androgenic activity is only 45%. Not all steroids can boast of such indicators. But athletes love Oxymethalone.

Oxymethalone tablets appeared among the first similar drugs. There is also an injectable solution, but this form has only appeared relatively recently and not many manufacturers make the injectable steroid. The tablets were developed by Syntex Pharmaceuticals back in the 1960s. Like many anabolic steroids, Oxy was originally used for medicinal purposes. They were treated for anemia, osteoporosis and loss of appetite. Oxymethalone was soon used in sports. This is where the anabolic steroid has gained the most popularity. Athletes still use it today. It is true that Oxy is considered a doping agent, so it is necessary to enjoy it with caution, otherwise you risk being eliminated from the competition.

Unlike some steroids, this is not recommended for women. It is most commonly used by men. Girls should be careful with this drug due to its high androgenic activity. Risk of side effects too high. This can include a harsh voice, the appearance of a male body, excessive body or facial hair, and problems with sexual activity. In short, virilization triggers the processes by which a woman’s appearance is compared to a man’s.

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Athletes taking Oxymethalone at the recommended dosage may see the following improvements:

  • The maximum increase in muscle mass;
  • Significant improvement in strength indicators;
  • strength development;
  • Increased efficiency;
  • Improves the condition of ligaments and joints.

In addition, in the course of Oxymetalone, the amount of hemoglobin produced increases, the production of protein erythropoietin is accelerated, hematopoiesis improves, and the function of sex hormone-binding globulin decreases. Steroid pills improve joint lubrication. This affects the mobility and physical condition of the athlete. If heavy loads previously caused joint pain, then during the Oxy course you will not feel any discomfort even after an intense workout.

The anabolic effect is obvious. It is a very powerful drug that unfortunately can have side effects. They are associated with high anabolic and androgenic activity and are both estrogenic and progestin-like. As a result of taking Oxy, the body reduces the production of its own testosterone, acne appears on the skin, the level of aggression increases, puffiness appears, and blood pressure rises. Nausea, loss of appetite and gynecomastia are possible. Oxymethalone refers to drugs that negatively affect the liver.

Despite the impressive list of possible side effects, athletes have chosen Oxy for half a century because no other steroid has such a powerful effect. The anabolic is in demand by athletes of various sports: bodybuilding, weightlifting, football, hockey, etc.

Taking Oxymetalone

Taking Oxymetalone

Athletes choose Oxymethalone when they want to build maximum muscle mass. The drug works quickly. In the first few weeks you can see significant weight gain and better results. It is not worth exceeding the recommended dose, otherwise the harm from oxymethalone will be more than good.

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If we are talking about a steroid in the form of tablets, then the following recommendations apply: men should take 50-200 mg of the drug per day. The most common single dose is 50-100 mg. The course lasts 6 weeks. Anabolic steroids aren’t the only drug that causes athletes to gain weight. It needs to be stacked with other steroids. With the most effective drug combinations, athletes achieve maximum results as Oxy potentiates the effects of other anabolic and androgenic drugs.

Mass Gain Combination

Mass Gain Combination

Before you choose which medicine to combine with Oxymetholone, you need to determine the purpose of the course. Other important parameters: experience in the application of sports pharmacology, financial opportunities. If you need to get as much mass as possible for later drying, combine Oxymetholone with testosterone. If you want to improve the quality of your muscle growth, choose Stanozolol as a pair.

During the 50 years of Oxymethalon’s existence, athletes have found the optimal combination of this drug: metenolone enanthate or testosterone. These ligaments create the conditions for rapid growth in muscle mass and ensure that results are maintained after the course. You will need to take 100 mg of Oxia every day and every week – 500 mg of testosterone and 400 mg of metenolone.

Recent research

Recent research

On December 30, 2017, sports researchers at the University of Southern California analyzed the results of the placebo. Elderly healthy patients took daily doses of 50 and 100 mg. At the same time, the results of a 2003 study showing the positive effect of oxymetholone on muscle growth and fat loss were published.

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The analysis showed that the muscle mass of the men taking the medicine increased by approx. 3.3 kg. Those taking the 100 mg dose gained more than 4.2 kg. The reduction in adipose tissue in both groups was set at 2.6 and 2.5 kg, and this again proves that the substance can not only increase dry mass but also burn fat. Body scans showed that men weighing 50 kg lost nearly 2 kg of body fat from the body area. Those who took a double dose of 100 mg lost about 2.2 kg. Based on the study, it was concluded that most of the fat in the experiment originated in the middle part of the body, ie where it usually accumulates in men.

Studies have also shown a number of negative properties, particularly a reduction in liver toxicity (liver damage) and HDL levels (high-density lipoprotein or “good cholesterol”). This is the main reason why you should not exceed 4-6 weeks of taking Anadrol.

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